Have 1 night at Universal - Which hotel?

Hello, I have 1 night at Universal in October. Should I do Portofinio or get a club level room at Royal Pacific?

Hardly any difference in pricing between choices


Not a whole lot of difference, at least on paper. You’ll have express pass with both and early admission to the parks with both. Portofino is technically in a higher class, but with only one night, you probably won’t have much time to take advantage of the amenities. Royal Pacific may be a little closer to the parks, but not by a lot.

I’d say check them both out online and see if one jumps out as being preferable in theming, location, etc. For your length of stay, I think you’d be happy at either.

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Depends what you are looking for. If you are with a Family - Portofino!! The rooms are huge and the service fantastic. You had to pack a lunch to get across the bathroom. The rooms are 450 SQ as compared to 355 at RP. To @bgmutza 's point you are only staying one night - so perhaps the benefits of club level (snacks etc) may be worth staying there. I do have to say the Portofino was VERY much like Italy and I will certainly stay there the next time we are at US. If you like Italy - do Portafino - if you prefer the tropics - Royal Pacific. Really - you can’t go wrong with either one.

What a nice delema!!

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Will you have time to enjoy the club room benefits?

We’ve stayed at royal pacific twice and you don’t get much time in the Hotel as you are in the parks or city walk

Taking advantage of club room facilities would mean missing out elsewhere IMO

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I am going in October as well, so I know that the parks are not open that late. When we are there, the parks close at 7/8pm. If you will be leaving the parks and going back to hang out in the room, the bigger room at Portofino may be a better call. However, if the club level hours at Royal Pacific run until 9 or 10, you can more than likely take advantage of their early breakfast before the parks open and late snacks after the park closes and, to me, that would be the better deal. Maybe call Royal Pacific and confirm the hours for the club lounge and then decide.