Haunted Mansion

Read on Chat that HM is closing in early Dec.
where is the best place to find out information on situations like this.

I also read this.

Many places have information. AllEars is one, but didn’t list this. I found the information here.


Thanks for info, very sad to hear that, our first trip to WDW is the first week in Dec. On a positive note at least we were able to ride it in Disneyland a couple of years ago.

I just realized…duh…we arrive on 11/30…hopping over to MK that night to ride it :blush:

I would too - my favorite ride. :smiley:

Thanks for posting this, it’s being added to TP’s refurbishment page as I type…

Just changed our flight…so we arrive at 9:50 am instead of noon. More time to get to MK and ride HM. Plus received a 34$ credit Yippie

We really like HM and want to ride it, but our first MK day is 12/1. If I rearrange our plans, we end up in MK only after 4pm all three times we are in the park (but we’d have PM EMH on Saturday 11/29 to get in a lot of rides). Worth it, or no? I’m struggling to decide.

@WDWRDpro yes, definitely something to think about. Not knowing when we may be able to get to WDW again,it was worth it to sit on hold for an hour to change our flight. I don’t want to miss HM👻

That’s a bummer! We will have one day to ride the HM…we’ll have to make it worth it and ride it like 20 times! LOL.

If you go to Disney web site & click on the park hours for the dates you go … Each park has it listed.

http://www.wdwmagic.com/attractions/haunted-mansion/news/09aug2014-the-haunted-mansion-closing-for-refurbishment-in-december.htm WDWMagic is my primary “go-to” source for current WDW news. Although the forums, like any forum have a lot of speculation (but a lot of people with true “inside info”, so they tend to be better than most), but I have never found one of their “news” stories to be innacurate.