Haunted Mansion wait time...?

I’m doing EMM and was planning on heading to HM right at 9 am before heading back to tommorowland for rides and breakfast. I’m wondering why there’s an 11 minute wait on my TP. Is it a holding pattern (for that first room where the pictures drop? Does that even still happen? It’s been 30 years since I’ve been there!) or if people really go there first thing and a line forms quickly? Can you all enlighten me?

They do wait a couple minutes to let guests get to the attraction so they can do the preshow, the “Stretching Room” with a few more ppl to fill it in. They want a room with as many people in there as possible since that show must complete before another cycle of people can go in. I don’t think that would be a full 10 minute wait.

WDW “Magic” Spoiler Alert about the ride

There are two of these preshow rooms and they alternate. Speaking from my time working in theme parks, they want them as full as possible even at RD. The same thing happens at ToT RD in DHS.

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Ok. I hope it’s not too long. But I still think I’ll keep it this way. Thank you! :blush: