Haunted Mansion FPP

How does FP work for Haunted Mansion?
Does one:

  1. Go to the front of the line for the next stretch room, then to the front of the line for a doom buggy?

  2. Skip the stretch room & go straight to the doom buggy?

  3. Wait on line for one or the other?

  4. None of the above. (What, then?)


You skip the interactive graveyard, and merge with the Standby line just before you go inside the building to the stretch rooms.

Very helpful, thanks!

I would only use the FP for HM when the wait time is HUGE. You basically still stand for a few minutes to get into the stretch room. There are much longer standby lines that you would want to avoid.

Don't think I've ever waited that long for hm

I'm going for a near NO-wait TP, Only HM stands in my way, unless I use it as a 4th FPP. wink

That's the ticket @ejj . I've set up my TP for early Sept with a very minimal wait TP. Did I mention I hate waiting in line 😻😻😻