Haunted Mansion exterior work

A quick question to anyone visiting Magic Kingdom this month:

Is the exterior work on the Haunted Mansion complete? We were there in early August and the HM was covered while exterior work was being done to the structure. My 10-year old is crazy about the HM and was quite disappointed that it was covered last visit.

We were thinking about a quick visit again in early October but wanted to check to see if the exterior work had been completed.


wow. I can’t actually help you with this question… but I find it surprising if Disney still has it covered. With the MNSSHP beginning. I mean, what is more scary than the HM???:fearful:
The year we went to the halloween party… I think 4 years ago… they had that place decked out for the festivities. We won’t be attending the party this year, but we will be in the park on Oct 1st. If you haven’t gotten an answer by then, I will be happy to report back.

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I can’t imagine they would need to begin so early… but is it possible it was covered because they were prepping it for the Halloween party?
just occurred to me… probably unlikely, but a thought.

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I believe a small portion is still under scrim but a majority has been removed and the rest should be coming down soon

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As of last Wednesday the lower part of the mansion was scrimmed and the interactive queue was all closed. (Side note: That made for a laughable use of a FP+ as I walked side by side with someone without an FP+ all the way to the merge point) I have a message out to my ‘feet in the park’ tonight for the latest status. If I hear back from her I’ll update this message.

Confirmed -the mansion is still partially scrimmed and the interactive queue is blocked as of tonight.



Thanks…we will be there the following weekend (Columbus Day)…would appreciate the intel. Would think that this work would be rushed to completion before the MNSSHP core OCT dates.


Thanks for the update!