Haunted Mansion before it's refurb

My plans are set for arriving late 11/30/14 and I've noticed that The Haunted Mansion will be closed the week we are visiting. Is there a way we can get in the park late on 11/30 without using a full days pass so we can ride The Haunted Mansion? I really don't want to have to change all my plans so we can ride this ride. Thanks

I'm not aware of any way to enter the park without using up a day on your ticket. We arrive the 29th and are planning to make sure we get over there on Sunday to ride HM before it goes down for refurb.

No, there are no partial day tickets. There is a MVMCP that night, so that would be an option, but I'm guessing those tickets would cost more than adding a day to your normal tickets.

Same here -- that's my nephew's all time favorite ride.(He was 18 months and saying "see ghossss" (let's hope it was because of the ride!!) so that is going to be our first stop on 11/30. I hope to have FP+ for that for him and his father while the little kids do a FP+ of Peter Pan.

Then we all hope to hit 7DMT together. Provided I can FP this out the way I want of course and we don't have any plane delays.

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We're doing KTTK that day so i'm hedging my bets that we'll get to ride on the tour and skipping a FP for it, which it doesn't normally need, but i'm a little worried that it might be mobbed since it closes that night.

That was my fear too. I would hate to have my nephew miss it.

How many days are your tickets for? The marginal cost of adding a day to most tickets of 4 days or more is $10.65, so if your heart is set on HM why not just add a day?

How late will you be getting in? If there's a party you won't be able to get in at all after 7 without a party ticket.

Wow. I'm starting to worry the "4" for Sunday Nov 30th is gonna go up to an 8. smile with everyone changing plans to get HM in! We will be there too, heading straight to HM 1st at RD. See you all there!
OP-maybe MVMCP that night since the park closes at 7?

Why is Disney doing a refurb during the Holiday season

It looks to be to be a short one to add an on ride photo/video to coincide with the opening of he new store. It's actually a slow time, before the holiday rush actually starts.

Facing the same conundrum ... Logged onto the forum to post a similar question but no need to...I will be scheduling fpp