Has Writer's Stop café in HS been closed?

I am finalizing our TPs now by checking Disney’s web site for updated hours etc. I have heard so much about the carrot cake cookie at Writer’s Stop in HS, and would love to try it, but now that café is nowhere to be seen on Disney’s site. No mention of it, anywhere. Does anyone know what happened?

I now found a shop selling cameras etc. which is called Writer’s Stop, and its exterior looks suspicially like the café I was looking for and have seen pictures of… But it is listed as a shop, not a café. No menu. Bad sign, I guess… why does Disney have to remove all the good stuff from HS?

I’m pretty sure Writer’s Stop is still there and still has a selection of food/drinks. It is only listed under shops right now, but also says it offers “food and spirits”. I think someone just posted about having the charcuterie plate recently and I know the carrot cake cookie is either still there, or has moved to Sweet Spells. Either way, you should be able to get it somewhere in HS!
Here’s a link to the Disney Food Blog’s review of it (from April at least)

We saw the carrot cake cookie in Sweet Spells a few weeks ago. We didn’t go in Writer’s Stop but I seem to recall that it disappeared from there, and was brought back due to public outcry! I may be wrong, but at least you know you can get it.

Thank you so much, @missoverexcited and @kwenner! I read the review now and see that the menu has changed quite a bit - more alcohol, less snacks. But as long as I will be able to taste that carrot cake cookie, I don’t care what else they serve :grinning: I still think it is weird that it is not listed under Dining on Diney’s web site, though, but under Shopping, when they still serve food and drinks there. There is no menu on the web site either. It almost looks as if Disney is trying to slowly make guests unaware of the place, so they can close it without anyone noticing (especially if there was a public outcry the last time they tried to close it!).

Disnry fans don’t like change!!


I agree, very weird that they don’t list it under dining or post a menu. I think you’re right and they’re trying to phase it out without tipping anyone off. But we Liners are too obsessive to let that slip by unnoticed! LOL!

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So Disney did exactly what I thought: They closed Writer’s Stop slowly by making guests unaware of it - so nobody would notice it was gone… Last day was yesterday. We will be in HS on October 3rd… so I guess for me it is time to go back to tweaking that TP again…! :disappointed:

Sadness. Well…the Carrot Cake cookies were my favorite so at least I can still find those. At least, I hope they will still be available in January!