Has this been your experience?

We are attending the MVMCP on 11/15. I ran a touring plan for it just out of curiosity and found that even just a few minutes after 6pm the predictions are for less than 10 minute waits on every ride except 7DMT and that one is only a 16 minute at like 6:15.

I am surprised because I would have assumed that between 6 and 7pm non-party people who got in line before the cutoff at 6 would still be clogging up the lines. We attended the party in 2014 and did, indeed, find that most everything was almost no wait, but I have been hearing stories of the parties being so much more crowded now.

Did anyone who went last year find waits to be this short this soon after the 6pm official park close? I’d be tickled if it were true, of course.