Has the 2019 ticket price increase happened yet?

Just settled on August 2019 for a trip. Need to buy ticket, but not sure if I should pull the trigger ASAP to beat an impending price increase. If the increase happened recently, then I suppose I don’t need to hurry.


They went up Oct. 2018, but no one knows when they will go up in 2019. It is usually February, but that hasn’t happened yet.

Oct wasn’t technically a price increase, though, but a change in how they price tickets. Some ticket prices went up, others went down, due to the date-based ticket changes.

There is still an expectation there will be a price increase. But who know when Disney will do it. Once you they do, I imagine you MAY have a very small window of time when Undercover Tourist will still have tickets available at the previous price point.

Thank you both for your responses. I decided not to chance it an pulled the trigger on buying the tickets today.

If you have a trip package (including tickets) booked with the $200 deposit and ticket prices go up, do they raise the price of your package?

As long as it’s booked before an increase and you don’t change the reservation at all, then you keep the previous price.

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