Has Anyone with Dietary Restrictions Eaten at Artist Point Since It Became a Character Meal?

I’m interested to know how they handle dietary restrictions for the appetizers and desserts on the new menu. We both have dietary restrictions that aren’t at all the same.

My friend went in February and there were several people in their group of 8 with complicated allergies. They did not have a good experience and several of the people were actually served foods they were allergic to. 6/8 people got sick that evening. Disney refunded the cost for the entire party due to the allergy issues. I don’t know if things have gotten better or not with the allergy issue. We ate there last week and thought the food was just okay. I did not feel particularly well after eating there, and my son spent the next day sick in the room- not sure if that was due to food poisoning or norovirus, just something to think about. For the cost, I just think it should have been better. Others have had good/great experiences though. The characters were awesome, they were the highlight of the evening.


Thanks for that; that’s why I wanted to ask. If Gregg eats food he shouldn’t, our trip would be over. We should probably err on the side of caution, then.

I hope some others have more recent (better) experiences with allergy ordering there, and this was just a bad night.

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Sounds like it! I’m always wary of fixed prix menus like that. The shared appetizers and desserts raises some warning flags for me. I’d rather not chance it.

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I am curious about this as well. I’m allergic to shellfish and mushrooms, which would eliminate 2 of the 3 appetizers

following. My sister has a number of allergies.

On the same note - we had a terrible experience at Whispering Canyon with my son. It’s like those table service, family style meals aren’t a good fit for allergies.

6/8 people got sick?! Oh my! So sorry to hear about your experience, but thank you for reporting it. I’ve been holding onto an ADR for our July trip hoping to hear a good report, but thinking the chances of it working out for me are pretty slim.

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I haven’t had any issues at Akershus in that regard. They do a great job for both Gregg and me. That’s why we always go there every trip. I’m trying to think of another family style restaurant that did well, but can’t remember any others.


That’s a bummer. DH wouldn’t be able to eat any of them, and no desserts for me. I don’t eat shellfish; no idea if I’m allergic or not because they will never go into my mouth to see!

THis is true!
Akershus did a splendid job meeting my son’s needs!! It was breakfast though. My son seems to always have an easy go of breakfast at WDW.

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They are top notch for both breakfast and lunch with dietary restrictions. Some restaurants in WS aren’t so good. Like the French restaurants weren’t so great for Gregg; although they were great for me. Via Napoli was NOT good for either of us.