Has Anyone used the Siemens VIP lounge in Spaceship Earth?

My company works with Siemens and a couple of years ago I was given a PIN to get into the lounge, but I never used it because the folks I was touring with didn’t want to stop (commando touring styles). I’d still like to go check it out and I am wondering how long the PIN lasts? Anyone know?

I sat next to a Siemens employee during my Parisian lunch at Monsieur Paul this past Sept., and she indicated the lounge is nice, she uses it, but the pins don’t last long, and need to be scheduled ahead of time, so I’d check with your company to verify.

@meetmeatthepoly thanks, I just bit the bullet and contacted my inside sales rep.

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Found out that since the part of the company that I buy from broke off into a different sub-company, I don’t get to use it. :frowning: that’s ok, I should be fine with just using all the great tips and tricks that I’ve learned from liners!!! T minus 6 days!!!

Oh no! Oh well, more time for other things. Have a magical trip!