Has anyone used gift cards to entirely buy Disneyland tickets?

I keep getting an error online. I called and they’re unable to do etickets and aren’t sure why, I keep getting an error that tells me to call or try again later. Even tried adding a credit card just to authorize as a second form of payment, but it keeps giving me errors.

Wonder if it’s easier altogether to just show up at the ticket booth and use the gift card in person to buy the tickets.

Anyone have experience with this?

I purchased 2 3 day park hoppers with just a gift card at the end of October.

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So I was having problems with purchasing tickets on line and it turns out it was my browser. I tried explorer and it worked. Strange but worth a shot

Thanks for the replies, carthy15 and amberlys94! I ended up buying them in-park.

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Were you able to purchase with the gift cards?


Awesome! Hope you had a great time!