Has anyone tried to make a PPO ADR lately?

With the announcement of early theme park entry a few weeks ago, I’ve been keeping my eye on PPO ADRs.

This morning while on the Disney website I noticed, none of the MK restaurants open prior to 9AM… :pensive:

Is this normal for the summer season? Are the 4-5 restaurants that previously opened at 8AM likely to return to their original opening times?

I was actually hoping DW would extend some of the hours to start at 7:30AM given that on-site guests will have access starting at 8:30AM in October.

A calm start our day, especially with so many LO in tow, w/ bfast and a semi empty park is looking less likely…

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This is only normal since Covid. There have been no PPO ADRs since reopening. Nobody knows if that will come back, or when.


I think it could be difficult to have PPO breakfasts in the parks, when onsite guests are going to get access 30 minutes early every day.

I know it worked before, even when EMH happened in that park, but that was maybe twice a week they had that “problem”. I just have a hunch that the only option may be a paid event like the EMM (ie: an upcharge event). Or a PPO at the 30 minute mark, so it won’t offer any ride advantage unless you skip it and pay the charge.

From a CM perspective, would the difficulty be determining who should have access? Or possibly having folks walking throughout the park?

From my perspective there’s less appeal to a PPO breakfast now with the “early access” to the parks for resort guests as there’s less time to get in front of the crowds, particularly if I want to enjoy my meal. But from WDW’s perspective, I think it is essentially the same problem as before, just potentially with larger swarms of people in the way.

Now the people in my way of getting to my ADR may make it where I don’t want to bother and maybe that’s enough of a logjam for Disney that they won’t want to try. Although my guess is they can specify an entrance specifically for ADRs and make it work OK potentially

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There was always one entrance lane for PPO dining (or tours as many of them had PPO meeting times) where the CM would check your ADR/Tour Reservation and allow you in. Never seemed to be an issue.

(I was told it would be the same for my 8am Capture Your Moment at AK next Tuesday.)

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Yes but suppose that they are offsite guests but do have a PPO reservation. How do you prevent them from wandering off on the way to their PPO breakfast to take part in the early hours that are afforded strictly to on-site guests? I think that’s the question and posed here

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Wasn’t that the same situation before though on EMH mornings? Depending where the breakfast was of course.

What did they do before when that park had early entry? Seems like one way to handle that would be to limit the PPO ADR’s to onsite guests. I wouldn’t mind a 7:30am breakfast for a 9:00am official open even as a onsite guest. But I could see it getting crowded with offsite guests. Although, how many people can get in with PPO ADR’s? If the number isn’t large I can see them not worrying about it. Particularly when offsite guests wouldn’t be likely to get them because they don’t get the +10 booking window.

I can see it also depending on how fuzzy they are with the early entry time. If they are fuzzy with it and let people in at -45 minutes, then a PPO 1.5 hours before an official open would put you at the back of the early entry crowds assuming it took you about an hour to eat.

Yes it was. My point was they only had to worry about that on EMH days, which was usually just once a week at each park, sometimes more. Having to do that every day means more CMs needed to hold guests every day.

My guess is if they do any kind of additional early entry it will be special events that they charge for, not just a PPO ADR.

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The only thing I have seen where CMs checked were at the ride entrances - only needed during EMH.

They could simply have ropes set up at the “transit points” so that people can literally only go to where they are supposed to for the meal if it is before the Early Entry. Once it is Early Entry, only people allowed through the tapstiles are people with confirmed ADRs/Tour reservations and resort guests. Pretty simple. And any non-on-property people who try to rush through breakfast would be held at those transit points. OR they scan Magic Bamds at ride entries and would not be allowed to join the line until official opening.

They checked MBs at every ride entry. If you didn’t light up, no ride for you.

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That was only at night though Because the check was at the tapstyles in the mornings

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That’s not how I have experienced it in the mornings.

Weird. I was checked in the morning as well.

I was checked in the morning as well. Probably because of PPO breakfasts. (Or PPO BOG one coffee for the whole group.)

Maybe you look sketchy.

J/k of course!


IDK. Maybe they had some way of knowing they had a large group of off property guests doing the PPO breakfast thing?

They were scanning everyone.

So what I was referring to was when they would hold BOG guests before they could line up for either 7dmt, PPF or anything else. And they would hold people there pretty much until the park officially opened, such that they could still get to the lines before the rope drop crowds.

If you have resort early entry, and they don’t use the FP lines, they need to stop people who had a PPO but are not onsite from getting in line until the park officially opens. Therefore they need CMs to hold the PPO guests at some defined point until a certain time, as well as check bands so that resort guests can go to the rides.

If they allow them to just go and get in line it’s circumventing the early entry for resort guests. They always took measures to stop that before, they will want to again. But I think it’s too much manpower for them to consider.

I could of course be wrong.

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