Has anyone rope dropped TSL in the last week or so?

Our trip isn’t for another 32 days, but I have nothing left to plan and it’s driving me crazy!!! The only unknown left at this point is what RD will look like at TSL. I’ve been looking at the previous day’s wait time each morning and it looks like it really won’t be very crazy. Anyone have firsthand experience? Thanks!


While you wait for someone with actual experience of rope-dropping TSL, I’ll just say that I suspect it won’t be bad at all.

I was there on Day 2 and Day 3 and it was clear that TSL is nothing like Pandora in terms of crowds or appeal.

The land itself is fun to look at, but not immersive like Pandora, so I don’t suppose people really hang around. And although SDD was fun, it wasn’t mind-blowing like FOP is. SDD is a souped-up fairground ride and TSMM is old news.

That being said, 7DMT still draws massive crowds, so I suppose SDD will do, too. Although more people go to MK than go to DHS as there’s still much less to do there.

It’ll be fun to see what happens when SW:GE opens. There’s no way I’m going to go there on Day 2. Or Day 3.


I rope dropped on 7/5. I will try to link my thread.

Are you on chat? Several people have been reporting fairly similar waits recently.

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I’m not on chat, sounds like I should check it out. Looks like we can show up 15 - 30 minutes before open and be pretty safe though. That’s great news!!

Seems like busses are leaving the resort around 5:50-6:10am. People are being let into the park around 6:20-6:30. If you are RD Slinky I would shoot to be there for the earliest bus :slight_smile:

Chat is great for live report stuff from the parks especially. It can just get a little rude sometimes.

Yeah, I’ve read that about it getting rude, which is much of why I’ve avoided it so far. We’ll be driving ourselves, so we don’t have to worry about busses. We have an FPP for SDD earlier in the week, and one for AS2 at 8:25am on the day we plan to RD. This is our first time and based on what I’ve read, TSM is what I’m most excited about. My thought is to RD TSM, then hopefully have time for either TSM or SDD (whichever we liked better) before the FPP. Based on your report, we may be able to do everything twice!!

I was there on 7/3. Didn’t do rope drop, but arrive about 1/2 hr after EMH started. Wait for SDD was less than 1/2 hr. Didn’t check TSMM as we had a FP+. later in the week we waited about a 1/2 hr in the mid afternoon to ride TSMM a 2nd time on our trip. I was disappointed with SDD, just an average coaster. TSMM was one of our favorite rides in all the parks after the other larger coasters and FOP.