Has anyone rope dropped SDD lately?

If we should up to HS an hour before park opening, how long do you think the wait will be to ride SDD? I am trying to plan my morning and how long we will spend in TSL. Thanks for any and all advice :slight_smile:

We did it on a Sunday morning in December. I think it was an EMH morning though. We arrived just after 7 to parking lot. Had to wait for security to open. Then wait for taps to open. We were probably about 12 people back in line at taps. Moved decently quickly once park opened (early, around 735). It was just me and my DSs 4&7. We were walking into Toy story land at 7:41. Pretty much walked line all the way into ride, boarding at 755. We were getting off ride at 759, as park “officially” opened for EMH.

We then went and almost walked on Saucers, but one side went down, so we ended up waiting 2 additional loading cycles for that.

Not sure how bad it is on a regular opening though.