Has anyone recently stayed at Polynesian villa?

Hi, we are considering a stay at Polynesian villas in April. Wondering if anyone can provide feedback on construction and how their stay was?

I stayed at the Polynesian just this past week. It was a great stay and I don’t think it was too affected by the construction. All of the construction is on the front side outside of the great ceremonial house and in the parking lot so you don’t see any of it when you are in the resort. The only negative for me was that the lobby was missing a little life due to the lack of through foot traffic (front entrance is blocked off) and Ohana being closed but some of that may change by April.

For transportation, I primarily used the resort boat to get to MK but walking to the TTC isn’t bad either especially if you’re in the Pago Pago building so the lack of monorail station wasn’t a huge issue.

There are plenty of food options still but I also like that the GF is so close so you have all of the dining options there as well plus the resort boat runs between the two resorts until an hour past MK closing.

I hope this helps a little. Happy planning!

Super helpful, thanks. Do you recall if both pools are open and both restaurant/bars pool side are open? Did they change/reduce hours at any of the restaurants on site? I wonder if monorail will be running from transportation center to Epcot by April.

Both pools are currently open, tho there is a permit for work on one - I don’t think it’s major, probably just maintenance work.
Epcot monorail is hard to predict, it likely depends on resort occupancy and park hopping.

I saw in DFB pics of monorail :monorail: station at poly is totally demolished.

Yes they’re starting from scratch. There were rumours there were structural issues. Not sure if true. Maybe just to redo the entire area. . :no_good_woman:

That is such helpful info! We’ll be there in April. Do you happen to know how late the pools were open? Our last stay we did pool breaks midday but with shortened park hours I don’t see that as an option, so would love to go for swims once out of the parks.

Quiet pool hours were 7am-11pm when we stayed last month. Main pool didn’t open until 10am and not quite sure what time it closed but want to say it was 9 or 10pm

There’s also some construction between the Tonga and Fiji buildings. Not sure if they’re putting anyone on that side of the hotel, but I thought I’d mention it.