Has anyone NOT gotten connecting rooms kids >adults

I’d love to know if anyone with more kids than adults has experience being denied connecting rooms. I’ve heard although there’s no guarantee disney will accommodate requests for connecting rooms if #kids>adults. Our family is 2 adults 4 kids ages 6-11. I currently have 2 rooms reserved at pop but am considering paying the extra money for AoA suite so we could all be together guaranteed. I also love AoA, have stayed in LM room but never the suites.

Has anyone with similar family size requested connected rooms and been denied?

I know you only asked about if anyone has been denied, but just to give a success story …We had 3 kids and 2 adults last summer and we got the connecting rooms at All Star Sports. Our TA told us the same thing that it would be guaranteed. But wondering too for future trips if anyone has been denied!

Thanks! I like to hear success stories too!

I’ve been told that they will guarantee the connection if there are only 2 adults but if you have 3 or more adults it’s not guaranteed. This was told to me by a cast member on the phone more than once, by different cast members. But, be aware that that could always change. I’ve had 3 trips and with 2 of them we asked for connecting rooms and got them both times.

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I was told it wasn’t guaranteed by our TA. We had an adult on each room reservation (my DH and me with five kids age 6-11). OurTA had it noted on there that we wanted connecting and I had a room request sent for each reservation requesting the same. I was also able to use the room finder tool to see rooms marked as connecting and request those by number. We ended up one building over at CSR but everything else was exactly as we requested it.

I would have pushed for a change at check in if they hadn’t been connecting.

When we travel with our six kids (not WDW, but for our extended road trips), we often put one adult and three kids in each of our two rooms. It has gotten rarer and rarer to get connecting rooms in a lot of properties. I think it is lovely that WDW tries to make it happen.

I would put that you have more kids than adults on your room request submitted through TP and I would be surprised if they do not honor that if they get it in advance of your stay (it would be less certain if you arrived at 9pm without checking in in advance).

One note of caution - connecting rooms usually overrides any other request, so if the only connecting rooms available don’t match your other requests (far from transportation, lower floor, etc.), they may give them to you anyway. Hopefully that’s what you would prefer.

We have booked 2 rooms (1 adult, 2 kids each room) on our last 6 trips at POR, AKL, CBR, and Pop and have gotten connecting rooms every time. Hopefully that holds for our next trip in late 2020!

Thanks for sharing all of your success stories! Sounds like it shouldn’t be a problem :slight_smile:

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Thought I was settled but now not really… really only want 50’s/60’s buildings if staying at pop. If connecting rooms only (and necessary) request, would be bummed to end up in other areas far from skyliner. Still have POP ressie via mvt but booked Nemo suites w/AP discount ($400 more total than pop). Guaranteed proximity to skyliner/bus/food court I think worth it for me (4 nights, then moving to kidani village 2 bedroom dvc rental). Modified BWV deluxe room w/cL ressie (DH thought unnecessary) so basically majority of stay already paid for. Remaining balance pop Vs AoA same. What would you do? AoA theming appeals to me more than pop. Please reasure me :). Aoa/pop stay heavily focused on Hs/epcot/MK; once at kidani mainly AK/resort and maybe return to MK once.

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I haven’t stayed at either but if you are happy with the location of the suites it sounds like that may be a good idea. :slight_smile:

I have always understood that it is as close to guaranteed as Disney will get ONLY if there is 1 adult with multiple kids. Because 2 can split up, but 1 cannot.