Has anyone managed to book a dessert party?

I know it’s maybe a bit dumb, but I’ve been trying to book a dessert party for the past few days. Online all I get is Stitch ate the page. In MDE it just hangs.

It sounds like a glitch.

I made it all the way to the page where it shows the total price. Then, my wife talked me out of it. I was booking for six.


Did you read this review of a dessert cruise… I wont’ be doing one :unamused: This is NOT a live trip report (9/14 - 9/22, Pop & BWI) - #54 by bay.loftis

I’ve never seen the appeal of those cruises. Or any fireworks experience that is not actually in MK itself.

I’m trying for the after party, with Plaza Garden viewing. I always booked a dessert party for HEA and considered it worthwhile.


we’ve only done one dessert party at TL Terrace and were disappointed b/c we were seated where nothing was able to be ‘viewed’ The family wasn’t impressed w/ the desserts either :frowning: sadly, for us, it was a waste of money.

I know a number of folks on chat have managed to book them online. Not necessarily this morning though.