Has anyone ever?

Closed the parks down each night as late as possible and scheduled most FP’s for early evenings?

I know I am loosing the ability to maximize FP’s but knowing my girls and what we like to do these mornings will be brutal trying to RD the MK after closing AK at potentially 11PM if not later…

Just wondering if this was ever a strategy someone did?

Well, we rarely RD anything (we prefer a nice hot breakfast with enough time to fully wake up and feel ready to take on the world), and we also rarely close the parks every night. We literally never try an early morning (before 9am) after a late (after 9pm) night.

As my older niece approaches tweendom we’ve started to stay a bit later (while her mom takes the younger one back to bed) but if she’s going until 11 or 12 at night I know she’s going to be in a bad way if I make her get up by 7am!

Unless your CLs are high (7+) for the entire trip or it’s 4 days or less then I think 3 FPs per day is plenty, especially if you’re staying onsite and can use evening EMH effectively.

I’ve heard of families from the west coast use a similar strategy because they wanted to keep their kids on pacific time.

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We are from the west-coast and were there last week. First night there, we closed Pandora. It was amazing and wonderful and worth the extra day in ticket for just that time. We also RD MK the next morning. It was brutal.

You know your family best, if you need the extra time in the morning take it. On our last day, we didn’t get to Epcot until 11:30, had lunch and saw a few countries in the world showcase. Then at 2:00 back to hotel for more rest and we went back to the park from 6 - close. Did we miss things? Yes. We didn’t get to do the Pixar Shorts or Figment, but at eight days in the rain… we still had a wonderful trip and I’m glad we got to spend the last day relaxing just how we wanted.

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