Has anyone ever requested an additional coffee maker in Boardwalk Villa

Has anyone ever requested an extra coffee maker in your hotel? Was that something that was provided upon request?
We are flying in and have 6 people with us who have definite coffee preferences! I know Boardwalk Villas have one coffee maker in the room, but when I called and asked if we might have an extra one provided, the cast member said that I would need to ask that question once we got there and ask at the desk.
We’d like to know ahead of time a definite answer, otherwise we are going to pack one in one of our suitcases.
Anyone know?

Be happy you have one we are staying at the All Star Sports NO COFFEE MAKER DW is upset till I told he she could get coffee and all she wanted for free at the food court with our refill mugs.

We are super early risers–up around 4:00 am, so I don’t think that’s an option for us unless they open that early.

4 am is when I finally fall asleep. I go to bed by midnight and just can’t sleep I’m to excited for Disney. DW is the only one who drinks coffee and we are bring ours or should I say her’s.

All the resorts have spare coffee machines, so I can’t see any reason why they wouldn’t let you use another machine during your stay. Another option is to get a cheap pod style machine from Amazon (or take in luggage). That way everyone can use the pods they want. We keep a Dolce Gusto machine in our Owners Locker - it’s like a Keurig but does all size drinks from espresso to large coffees, and also has tea and hot chocolate pods. DH makes strong caffeinated lattes, I drink decaf espresso and Moroccan tea, and DD likes a hot chocolate occasionally. :slight_smile:

I imagine they didn’t want to confirm it over the phone on the off chance that when OP arrives, all the spares have already been requested by other guests. I imagine this is highly unlikely but they’ll want to cover their own backs for that eventuality