Has anyone been to Nomad Lounge since Pandora opened?

I am super excited to see Pandora when I go to the W&D Half Marathon weekend in November, but also a little sad since I LOVE Nomad Lounge and how quiet it was! Just how crazy has it been since Pandora’s opening? I’ve been twice in the mid afternoon (last November and this February) and was one of maybe 4 tables. Thanks!

Was still perfectly quiet when I was there in June. Though there is more foot traffic walking past, there is no view of pandora so there really isn’t any added draw to going in and lounging in Nomad. Same draw as before maybe just a slight increase since more people are walking past. We had no problem picking a lounge and ordering a cocktail - right around the pre-dinner time too. We were probably 1 of 6ish tables. Plenty of seats at the bar in the lounge and on the veranda.

Somewhat glad to hear that! I’m happy it will still probably be quiet, since a lot of people on here were worried it was going to get crazy, but I am also worried if it stays too quiet then they might change the concept or something else to draw more people in…