Has anybody here ever gotten educational tickets

My daughter is in Beta club at her school and next November, they are going to Disney. I asked and families are allowed to go, so I discussed it with my wife and we are going to go as a family. The Beta club teacher said that there will be school related activities including theme park design, etc. that we will have to do during this time.

My question is has anyone ever gotten educational tickets? If so, what do we do while we are there? How much of our time is required? I know it isn’t all day and there will be lots of time we can have as family to do whatever activities we want, but just wondering how much time is “on your own?” I’m sure it varies from school to school, but not sure if Disney has certain activities that are planned. Basically, I don’t know much about the educational ticket and just want to get a little more info.


Those are the YES tickets? @QwertySC, did you get these tickets?

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I don’t think so…? I saw this thread earlier, but I think ours were a specialty bulk purchase or something?

But maybe it was…

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Sorry - I hit enter too soon.

We had one “must do” during our trip, but we could pick our “must do” and what slot we wanted. Then the rest of the time was our own. They also gave us a special party one night.

We did the AK Elephants thing on our AK day. It was just 30 mins.

Additionally, they had lots of add-ons if we wanted. Breakfasts and early rides or PM shows and cupcakes IIRC. We did it in 2019.

For us, the website was super specific and there was nothing at all hidden.

ETA looks like this current trip that starts this week had a single event for education.

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Thanks! I was thinking it would take a pretty decent amount of time and was hoping we would mostly just get to go have fun.

Do you have a link? Can you see their description?

For us - because we could fit the timing - it was a no brainer. It saved money and gave us perks we’d never have ever paid for otherwise. I’d like to do it again for just my younger two. The college schedules of my older girls makes it unavailable to them.

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No link, we are just making payments to the school on a monthly basis to pay for the tickets. The teacher did send a description through the messaging system they use (Remind), but most of the information I got was on a phone call to her.

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