Has any one split their checked luggage between ME delivery and baggage claim

Since I am first picking up my 19 yr old DD from university before catching a plane to MCO, we will have a total of four checked bags (she’s bringing home a lot of clothes from college). Since we are arriving at MCO at 7:20pm, I know that bags checked through ME could take a very long time to get to our POR room. I don’t want to wait up for all my bags. I thought I could check 3 of the 4 bags through ME and just pick up one at MCO baggage claim that I’d take to my room. (I need one checked bag with me because of toiletries, etc…) Has any one split their bags, and can I ask the front desk to hold the other bags arriving through ME until I get them the next morning avoiding being woke by a bell hop delivering bags late at night?

If I was going to take the time to pick up one bag, Ibwoukd pick them all up. You can take them all on DME.


I thought of that but I’d hate to lug 4 large bags all at one time to my POR room since the resort complex is so large. Maybe I’ll take them all from baggage claim and then take one bag to our room and ask the bell hop to deliver before 11pm. Thanks for responding.

There’s no reason why this wouldn’t work. Just don’t take the bag you need.

I guess the only risk is that someone at Bell Services doesn’t see your request and brings them anyway.

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Bell services is right where DME drops you off. They can grab your bags then and give you a ride to your room.

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If I could take my own bags at baggage claim (because of late MCO arrival), have them under my ME bus, then have the POR bell hop take them off the bus, and offer us a bell hob cart ride directly to our room would be the best of both worlds!