Harry Potter World timing - spring break visit

First a short thank you to the regulars here: you helped me SO much when my family did Disney several years ago and again a few years ago when we began planning for a Universal trip. We had to nix the Universal one when covid hit but are now scheduled to go April 3 and 4 (so spring break season but not right next to Easter).

I have most of our plans worked out but mostly wanted to get a 2nd take from folks on: a) timing of the HP pieces and b) Velocicoaster timing.

We have EE and Express passes (staying at royal pacific). Kids are 14 and 10. Harry Potter is biggest priority but DH and 14 year old are big thrill junkies so will want to do all the coasters too. Want to keep part of the day for a break and pool both days.

Planning to start at Diagon Alley during EE on Sunday and just do HP stuff then go to IOA mid morning. Thoughts on this IOA plan and whether the timing of HP and VC items seems good? Sunday IOA

Monday planned to start at Hagrids at park opening then move to USF. Torn between doing a final HP stint while we’re in the area already then or instead wait to do the final visit there once we come back around supper time. Monday: USF

I think it’s a good plan, I would just prepare myself for a possible 45-60 wait for VC. The predicted 31 minutes seems a little low. You may want to add Dr. Doom’s Fearfall?

This also looks good. Both days you’re avoiding most of the mass of humanity at WWOHP which peaks around 10am-3pm. I would definitely wait to come back in the evening when Diagon Alley will be more calmer and enjoyable. You could also consider Transformers or Horror Make-Up Show.

A belated thank you for the feedback! :slight_smile:

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