Harry Potter attractions in one day?

We will be at DisneyWorld in November and plan to do one day at Universal with park to park tickets. I am a huge Harry Potter fan but not much on thrill rides such as extreme rollercoaster types of rides. Will we be able to see the Harry Potter attractions in one day? I know we want to ride Hogwarts Express but not sure about anything else as I have not done a lot of research on it yet. It is just my husband and I who will be going and we are in our 60’s. Any thoughts will be much appreciated!

Yes you can do all of WWOHP in one day. There are 1day wwohp tp on the uni part of tp website. You need to add the uni subs at $4 to access them. There is a free e-book on the tp web site also. Wwohp is all about theming , shops interaction with wizards , night bus conductor. There is only 1 ride in DA the rest is shops and interactive experiences. In Hogsmead there are 3 rides. I can spend a full day wandering w/o doing any rides . Its totally different from anything wdw has ever done.

So as far as rides go in HP there isn’t much. On the Hogsmead side you have forbidden journey, Hippogrif (kiddie rollercoaster) and dueling dragons (a revamp of an old ride). On Diagon Alley the only ride is Escape from Gringots. So 4 rides

And of course the hogwarts express - which was cool

If you can - I suggest the following. STAY at a Universal hotel - if only for one evening - so you can get in early - that makes a HUGE difference.

You can certainly spend a whole day just in the HP areas of the parks The details are unbelievable

My family and I visited Memorial Day week in 2015, park-to-park tickets, no early entry (we’re DVC members), and we were able to do all WWOHP attractions, including Hogwarts Express twice! If you don’t plan on staying @ Universal to get early access, make sure you’re at rope drop of the non-early entry park, and head straight to WWOHP. That, or follow the established park-to-park touring plan

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I have the same question. Can we do all of Harry Potter in one day? It will be my wife and I, and our three kids, 13, 9, 5. We are all big HP fans. We understand it will be expensive and require a park hopper ticket to get to both Universal parks, but this may be our only trip down to the big theme parks ever.

https://touringplans.com/plans/1144171 https://touringplans.com/plans/1144177 these are the 1day wwohp tp. Do not optimise them You need to line up times manually with your break at number 7 in plan 1. You will need the universal tp subscription to access them. So Yes you can
To might have to move some of the shows around to fit them in but use evaluate.

Thanks so very much!!! Can you tell me how long we should plan to be at the parks to accomplish seeing all these? We will need to plan for transportation and don’t want to short ourselves time.

Totally can do WWOHP in one day. I do offer the following suggestion.

If you can - STAY onsite DELUX - if only for one night. Will make things SOO much easier - even if you are doing WWOHP. It also comes down to when you go and obviously off time would be better.

IMHO - I wouldn’t worry about a plan. Hit a main attraction first then ENJOY the ambiance of the one side - then take hogwarts over to the other side. Hit the main attraction and then enjoy the ambiance of that side. You do get EXPRESS PASS benefits for the two rollercoasters on the Hogsmeade side if you stay on site and you get in early.

I wouldn’t bother with a touring plan - just take the app and watch the times.

Part of the fun of WWOHP is getting lost and exploring and if you have a “plan” you loose that magic.

For transportation back - you can always just go to a hotel and they normally have cars that are ready for customers.

I would plan on spending the WHOLE day

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https://touringplans.com/uor-ebook-downloads this should take you to the free e-book link. It had all the secret /hidden easter egg in wwohp and a really good read. Honestly open to close is best. I did 5 days onsite plus mardis gras this year and I still didn’t think I had enough time. Another way to do wwohp is to do Harry’s Journey starting in DA then going to Hogsmead and Hogwarts then returning to Gringotts for the evening in DA. The 2 plans I linked give you all the must do things so you chose do them in a order that suits you. I prefer to start and finish in DA as its amazing at night and then you can catch the cinematic spectacular at park close if its on


^^ Great link!!

Great information. We are doing the same thing on our trip next May. My daughter is huge HP fan. We will only be doing HP as she is not a big thrill ride fan. I like the idea of getting lost in the ambiance.

the “thrill” rides are awesome. I wouldn’t hesitate to do them at all. Forbidden is a bit more intense - and if you won’t do them because “you don’t like” as compared to a medical condition - I highly recommend you change your mind for these rides. They aren’t space mountain of the hulk - they are awesome!! Escape isn’t intense - a fit fast here and there - but just awesome!!