Harry Potter and the Madness of Independence Day

Hi All!

We’ll be hitting Universal on July 4th weekend, and we’re hoping to do a full day of just Harry Potter stuff. Based on the Unofficial Guide and the pre-made Touring Plans for “all things HP”, I’ve come up with the plan, below.

A few notes:

  • We do not have early access, so we’ll be queueing up for the 0800 opening
  • We DO have Park-to-Park tickets
  • We do not have Express Passes
  • We want to spend a significant amount of time in Diagon Alley visiting shops and using our interactive wands
  • We have a mandatory 3 hour break after lunch.

I’d love to hear some tips for doing “All Harry, All Day” during the busiest times of year. I know about the return passes, but have never encountered them.

Big Question:

Should we plan to do as many rides/events in the AM as possible, and hit Diagon Alley’s shops and interactive bits later in the day? Or should we do things as we get to them and move on?

Would love to hear your input.

Here’s my plan:

  1. Escape from Gringotts #1
  2. Ollivanders, get wands
  3. Diagon Alley #1
  4. Beedle the Bard
  5. Hogwarts Express >> IOA
  6. Hippogriff
  7. Forbidden Journey
  8. Frog Choir
  9. Dragon Challenge
  10. Lunch @ Three Broomsticks
  11. BREAK x 3 hrs
  12. Beedle the Bard #2
  13. Escape from Gringotts #2
  14. Diagon Alley #2
  15. Dinner @ Leaky Cauldron
  16. Knight Bus, Etc.

This looks like a reasonable plan, the only thing I’ll say is that if the Gringotts queue is over 30min by the time you arrive (which it probably will due to early entry) I’d skip it and save for noon to 1pm, when the line always seems to drop.

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