Harry and the Rest of Universal

We thoroughly enjoyed the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Details were so fine. My main tip would be to ride the train from Hogsmeade into Diagon alley first. Do King’s Cross last because its a better show, plus if you look for the single bellman luggage cart, just wait there. Take a video from your phone of your party walking into the wall. When we went early in the morning, everyone missed this. My wife and I had 5 minutes all to ourselves taking video of each other going in and out of the wall. Also, if you’re traveling with adults, don’t buy the interactive wand. Just follow the kids around and watch what they do. The coolest one is the one in Nocturne Alley, where Borgin and Burk’s is. There’s a skeleton that you control with your wand. Also, if you hold you map near the black light (close to the Leaky Cauldron), there’s a secret that is highlighted.
The leaky cauldron had better food than at the three broomsticks.

Not to miss is The Incredible Hulk. Please ride it. I was scared and left for the day, only to be left with “shoot, I should’ve done it.”. The next day, it was the first thing I did and I LOVED it. My new favorite so far. I did it three more times. Rip, Ride, Rockit was also terrific, but Hulk blew it out of the water. Spider Man you must do. Dr. Doom is a great one to just relax on, especially with the single rider line. At the end, Dr. Doom and the Green Goblin tried to scare me but I was too excited to see them that we took selfies together.

Make sure to follow the touring plans. They are accurate.


You’ve been a busy Liner today - thanks for all the great posts!

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You’re welcome. I wanted to “give back” because this site and the books have proven to me to be invaluable. It saved so much time and money and it’s the least I can do. Thanks for noticing.