Harmonious time change on January 2nd?

From now through January 1st the Harmonious showtime is 945p, but starting on January 2nd the time is 900p. Is this just a placeholder that has yet to be updated, or do they usually move the time up like that after New Years? I was hoping to watch Enchantment at 8 and catch the monorail to Epcot for Harmonious at 945. Obviously that plan won’t work with a 900p showtime.

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I believe it was at 9pm when we were there in October, so that might be the time when the park closes earlier. But I wouldn’t trust it until closer to your trip.


Which will be sooooooooooooooon @JordanRunner !!!

We are getting so close now :smiley:


Yes now I see it coincides with the park hours moving back from 10pm to 9pm. Sad…