Harmonious barges

I guess there’s a clue in the name but I just wanted to check that the Harmonious barges will only be sitting in the middle of the lake in the evenings. Because they are hella obtrusive during the day.

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Looks like they’ll have fountains during the day.


Yes, isn’t it that the new fountains will block all show elements?


Oh. Yeah. Duh. I didn’t look at the photo closely enough. I thought maybe they move them in and out like they did with the globe.

Even so, those bad boys are BIG.

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Like, view-destroyingly big.


I agree. It will have to be one heck of a show to make up for the eye sore. Even as a fountain I think it’s going to detract from the views. Hopefully I’m wrong and once it’s done will look nice

From that image, I would guess that Spaceship Earth will be blocked from view by the center fountains when standing in America. Terrible. I hate it.


Yep, all four of those will sit in the lagoon all day. Oh and two even bigger ones. Goodbye nice views across the lake.

It’s a decision they made. A very bad one. It would apparently take “too long” to move them out and back just for the evening show - about an hour in total.

The fountains will help block the actual barges… when they work of course. But it doesn’t change the fact that you won’t be able to see the pavilions from across the lake any more.

And as @JordanRunner said, even SSE will be blocked from view.

Universal’s social media team have taken Disney to pieces with their tweets about them. And rightly so. It’s an atrocious decision IMO. :sob::sob::sob:


The title of this topic sounds like an excerpt from the nonsense comments you sometimes find on youtube videos.

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It’s the name of my band.