Harmonious Barges are BIG!

Man, those things are big! Pictures don’t do them justice. Lots of peeps working on them this evening. They ride small black boats I guess to match the large black monoliths. Also, I heard super loud fireworks last night at about 1:00am at the RR. I don’t think I was dreaming. Im a sound sleeper and it woke me up. I guess this was at Epcot. Or maybe I dreamed it. :smile: it was our first night of our trip so we shall see…


That whole set up is a sight and ruins the view. When I saw it in person, I realized how big and ugly they were.


BIG and UGLY… two things that shouldn’t be put together :rofl::joy::rofl:


Very big and very ugly. I thought everyone was exaggerating. They are not. :unamused:


They are ridiculous and very noticeable when flying into Orlando.

If only my iPhone took better pictures.


I have to agree with you all, when we were they last month it was crazy to see how big they really are. I really hope the show is amazing once it is up an running.

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