Hardest ADR to get!

I stayed up until 12:01 AM on the 180th day of our trip so I could be sure to get all our ADR’s and the one that I could not get which was the first I tried for at 12:01 AM was a 6ish ADR at T-Rex. The only avail times were 4:00 pm or 8:30 PM. I was shocked. I was able to make all my other ADR’s with no problem. I’ve been trying everyday to see if any other times become available but they have not. Has anyone else had this problem 180 days out for T-Rex? I have a backup ADR at Rainforest at 7:30 PM just in case I am unable to secure a better time at T-Rex. 150 days out as of today. Everyone have a great New Year!

Have you tried the reservation finder here on TouringPlans?

Yo can get a T-Rex reservation two other ways. You can call the restaurant directly (they may not book that way at 180?) or you can get a Landry Select Card:


The card costs $25 but you get a $25 credit. This gives you “front of the line access” with a reservation.


We had the same problem with Ohana at 180 days. Nothing between 4:15 and 8:00. Never was able to get a better time!

Disney does not load many T-Rex prime time reservations. T-Rex holds those back. I had the same issue but called direct and 4:30 to 8:00 was wide open. I even changed it with 4 weeks to go and still pretty open.

I would recommend getting a Landry’s card. We went to T-Rex on a saturday and there was a two hour wait but I showed my Landry’s card and we were seated within 5 minutes!

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Definitely call Trex. I had this issue last week (although it was well past 180 days, we booked at 101 days out). I called and the man said they hold back up to 20% of their reservations for callers. I got a reservation at peak dinner time without a problem, and he said every time slot for both of the days I suggested were available.

Thanks everyone for your input. I called T-Rex and was able to make my reservation with no problems!

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