Hard to get FP+

So I know I should try for Frozen Ever After as soon as my FP+ window opens and that 7DMT should be a close second.

My question: Are there any other FP+ that are really difficult to get at 60 days out? I have a spreadsheet with all my hopeful FP+ choices. I have included the rides I hope to get in a tentative order of difficulty. Please let me know if something should be bumped higher on the list.

It is just my DH and I and we are staying onsite so we can get the 60 day window.

Frozen Ever After
Peter Pan’s Flight
Toy Story Midway Mania
Space Mountain
Tough to be a Bug
Kilimanjaro Safaris
Meet at Adventurers Outpost
Haunted Mansion
Jungle Cruise
The Seas with Nemo
Spaceship Earth
Tower of Terror
Frozen Sing-a-long
Kilimanjaro Safaris
Expedition Everest
Journey into Imagination
Character Spot
Under the Sea
Mickey Meet
Rapunzel Meet
Cinderella Meet

Peter Pan you will definitely want a FP for, but there are a ton of those available, so you should be able to get one fairly easily. If you want a specific time for Kilimanjaro Safaris, then I would make that a priority. Many prefer to do that either first thing, or last thing in their day. Toy Story woudl be my next priority. Especially since Rock n’ Roller Coaster may be down depending on when exactly your trip is. I think the dates will be close. If that is still down, there won’t be much else to do in DHS.

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What @perkins314 said. Anything you want to do at a particular time I would prioritize higher.

My experience (1 trip, so take with a grain of salt) is that FP+'s for shows are not so useful. You have to be there early enough that they haven’t already let the standby folks into the FP+ areas, and we were usually barely in the venue before the show started.

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Most of the shows I have picked because I have to get some Tier 2s before I could possibly pick up an extra, especially in DHS and EPCOT.

On FEA, go to the last Epcot day of your stay and get whatever time is available. Do this at 7am. Not 7:01am. Then, see if you can get lucky with FEA for any earlier Epcot days.

Next but less urgently will be 7DMT.

From there, I’d start with the earliest days in your stay and get up to 3FPP each day depending on your needs/plans.

I’d do all of the above as quickly as possible for all your preselected FPP 60 days out.


7DMT and Frozen are definitely the ones to pick first. Maybe the princess meets next? I remember that Enchanted Tales with Belle seemed to be going fast the morning I booked at 60 days out. Maybe next focus on the ones you plan to do earlier in the day – they seem to go faster than later in the day FPs, and there is a real benefit to using your first three fast passes earlier in the day so you can then get more. But I general if you are looking at 60 days out you should have no problem with any of the others. Just get Frozen and 7DMT first.

We’ve done the 30 days out and still managed to get a 7DMT, albeit with slim pickings for it. I’d definitely try for FEA and if you want any princess MGs because those are never available by the 30 day mark. I don’t know if they do fireworks FPPs anymore, but those were always gone, too.

Toy Story, definitely grab that as a third. It’s usually available in the afternoon at the 30 day mark, so you should be okay, but definitely get that over with. All the others can follow those.

If you don’t get FEA at 60+x days, it can’t hurt to keep looking. Our selection was zero at 60 days, and then some availability showed up around 45 days, and I managed to snag one then. Of course, then you might have to replan the whole day around it.

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I don’t see Big Thunder Mountain on your list. I would rather get a FP for Thunder than one for Space Mountain. If I have to choose between 2 rides and can only get a FP for 1 of them - I always get the FP for the ride that has the line outside, simply because that means no air conditioning. 2 exceptions: always FP for Soarin’ and Toy Story Mania


Big Thunder will be down for refurb until mid Nov.

With Big Thunder coming back live just before my trip, I’m not holding my breath on that one. If it is available, we plan to do it during MVMCP.