Hard Rock or Portofino Bay with kids

Trying to decide between HRH and PBH for a four-night stay in October with DH, DS5, DD7. We plan to be at the parks quite a bit, with some pool time in between. Had originally booked at PBH, but I now see the walk from HRH to parks is so easy and atmosphere seems fun. Thoughts? Has anyone found the HRH to be too noisy to nap during the day, or anything else I should be concerned about it?

We didn’t find HRH noisy at all.

We have stayed at both and love them both. The walk from HRH is wonderful, and we have never had a problem with noise even with a pool view (well there was a pesky fire alam activated in the middle of the night in April which was noisy, but had it been a real fire that would have been necessary).
PBH is beautiful, and really feels like you are somewhere else away from theme parks. You won’t be disappointed in either option. We used the boat daily when we stayed at PBH and found it to be no trouble at all. Short trips, like 2 days, I go for the short walk to HRH. Longer trips with more time to relax, I go for PBH. Both are great options!