Hard R hotel


Just wondering if anyone on here has stayed here
How did the ride passes work
Any other tips feel free to post

Didn’t stay here - but can give insight to Express pass / Early Morning.

Once you check in - you take your room key over to a kiosk. It takes your picture and prints out a paper pass with your picture on it that is good for your length of stay - not your park days.

When you go in the morning - you show your park pass and your Express pass to get in early (maybe it is your room key - can’t remember). Once in the park - you need to only have your Express pass and you show it at the beginning of any ride that takes it and BOOM - you get in the line.

The boat ride between hotel and park is awesome. Very short ride, relaxing and boats are constant.

I think you will like it there.

Many thanks
Cheers for the info
Where abouts did you stay and was it reciently

We stayed at Portafino - LOVED it. It was April of last year. Reminded us of Italy for sure. The rooms were HUGE. Service was wonderful and it was a great, relaxed retreat at the end of the day. Our favorite evening of our whole vacation was eating by the main pool. It was relaxing and just enjoyable.

We have stayed at the Hard Rock numerous times. We love it there. My 10 year old son adores the slide at the pool. They were also having a concert in the lobby the last time we were there. The service is fantastic and the rooms are large. You can’t beat the walk to the parks … 10 minutes or less. Hope that helps.

I’ve stayed, it’s a lovely resort with an amazing pool.

It’s your room key you need for early entry - or at least that’s my experience, they wouldn’t accept my Express Pass which was handy in my lanyard.

Nothing else to add to what you’ve already been told.