Happy Limo

Hoping to hear if anyone has experience using Happy Limo in the recent past? We’ve been using another towncar service for years but it’s time for a change. Thanks!

where are you going to / from

From MCO airport to Wilderness Lodge to start and then from Beach Club back to airport.

Is there a reason you do not take DME? (Just curious)

have you tried Miers?

I would stick with a place that you have used and are happy with. If you are changing for poor service / cars / expense ok - but just to change - I wouldn’t

Also call the hotel directly to see if they have a preferred vendor. I am doing that with Portofino at universal. That way if they suck - I also have someone directly to complain to

Years ago before DME was introduced, we used a towncar service and, although it’s an added expense, we became spoiled by the service :blush: No waiting for others to board the bus, no multiple stops at a number of resorts. It’s like having a relative waiting for you in the airport (well, one that you have to pay LOL).

Well, we’re no longer happy with the one we’ve used for years. Hate changing but last year’s experience was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I was just hoping to get a few reviews about Happy Limo in particular. No real interest in Mears Shuttle b/c we’ve become spoiled by the convenience of a towncar service :blush:

We’re trying a car service for the first time this April. Last trip’s ME experience was less than magical with travel weary 2, 3 and 4 yos.

May I ask what service you’ll not be using any more and why? If that’s not allowed here, is there a convenient way for you to tell me privately?

Thank you.

Hi there - I hope this is allowed - I won’t bash anyone. For years (since 2004) we’ve used Quicksilver and they continue to get fantastic reviews. However, we noticed over more recent years they weren’t as prompt with our pickups at the hotel. Now, to be fair, we were never late for a flight b/c of that but it had gone from them arriving at our hotel 15 mins before our scheduled time (which is great!) to showing up several minutes after our scheduled time (late but not super late BUT compared to years of showing up so much earlier, a concern every time with us wondering if they’d forgotten us).

This past year our driver (when we arrived in FL) had the wrong date for our return trip(which we cleared up). When the return driver arrived a few mins late (again, what seems like “very” late when you are accustomed to them arriving 15 mins earlier), there was no apology. What made us start looking was their attitude about this - for such a long-time customer, we were supposed to just accept it b/c we are “like family”. But I’m paying for a service which in my opinion had started to diminish. It’s really a shame - b/c their drivers are usually very courteous, friendly. And I hate change but it’s time :frowning:

We have used Happy Limo for several trips recently and have been very pleased with their service. I tried Quicksilver last Dec and it was horrible. I was clear on my reservation that we had only carry on, would not be waiting for bags and texted when we landed. We waited an additional 30 minutes for them to get us. Never again. I used Uber back to airport for a trip a few weeks ago which was great. I asked the driver about airport pick up and he said only uber black which is more money but definitely in line with car service if you want to try that mode

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Thanks for the feedback!

Their website does not have a lot of pricing information on it so I guess I will have to call to get rates and make reservations.

I would check with the hotel concierge (you can take advantage of most even if you aren’t staying on that level) - they can help arrange a car and would think it would be good as a preferred provider

Thank you for posting your experiences. Thankfully, that’s not the service I have booked.

All the best with trying out Happy!

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Mom and I used Happy Limo in September (one-way for airport to hotel). The driver was there when we landed, but we weren’t super familiar with the airport and where to meet him, so I had to call him to find out he was on the lower level by the baggage carousel, and not in the upper area that we were walking through. No biggie though, we found each other! He helped us with our bags, gave us a complimentary grocery and liquor store stop, opened doors for us, and was very nice to talk to. Definitely recommend!

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Thanks for starting this post! We’re traveling in September and have gone back and forth on whether or not to use a car service. I think we’re going to go ahead and spring for it. I’m staying club level so I wonder if the IPO will be able to help me out. Having never used MDE before, what stop is the Poly for drop offs?

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Thanks but I need to make arrangements before we leave home for a pick up at the airport as well as the return trip home.

Thanks so much for the feedback - good to hear!