Happy Holidays, Liners. An ADR drop thread

I am going to start my ADR drops for 12/19-12/24. There will be quite a few. Some are due to plans changing, some due to overbooking when I couldn’t decide, and some are due to me snagging some good ones with the intention of dropping them for Liners. All are for a party of 4.

TP has been awesome for my mental health and for planning help. This is my meager attempt at paying you all back. Please PM me with your requests.

Let’s start with 12/19 (Sunday):

Biergarten Candlelight Processional at 4:40 and 5:55. I believe both are the 8:30 show.
Space 220 at 6:05


OMG I have never considered doing this before! I mean, I kind of have when I’ve known people are going, but otherwise not

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I feel like Santa :santa:


I have a couple for that week I need to unload as well. If you don’t mind, I can offer them on this thread as well??

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Absolutely! I was just about to add a couple, too.

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After a sad failure of a drop for another Liner (it never showed up for her :sob:) I’m still willing to try.

Still have:
12/19 Biergarten for CP at 4:40 and 5:55

Also adding:

12/20 12:05 Liberty Tree
12/21 6:30 Steakhouse 71

I have a 12/23 50’s Prime Time at 6:45pm for 4 and a 12/25 Trattoria al Forno at 10:50am for 4 if anyone wants.

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More ADRs before I release them into the wild. There’s some goodies I snagged in this pile.

12/22: 10:45 Topolinos
11:55 O’Hana
2:00 Space
6:20 Teppan Edo

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These are good ones!!! Topolinos I got my from @Totsypooh (:two_hearts:) and we won’t be in the parks that day. Thank you for the heads-up!!

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Nevermind. Thought you were offering them to me specifically. I need to sign out :joy:

Hahaha! I thought you were bragging!

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LOL nope! Now just fully admitting my idiocy :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Is Space on 12/19 still available?

I’ve done the drop with liners before and it sometimes takes several minutes to show up in search results.

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Sadly, it is not. that was one I dropped and another Liner tried to grab it. It never showed up for her. :frowning:

I’ve been doing drops with people and it helps for them to be right on the page toggling between two of the closest times and looking for the exact same headcount - even if you don’t need as many seats.

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Ah! Good to know. I’m not sure what the other Liner did in her attempt to grab the drop. I’ll keep that in mind.

It may not have been anything. I tried to do a drop for a Liner here for Space220 earlier in the fall and it failed. It was the first time that had ever happened! I have since done some drops with others so I know it was a one-off. But it sure is disappointing when it happens.

Yeah. I feel sad. That was one of the ones I grabbed on purpose with the thought that I could gift it to a Liner as we got close to trip time.

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Maybe its a space 220 thing. I literally had three i was dropping and the person tried to catch each one and we still lost all 3 – they were not able to catch it – except for one time they did see it but it was gone by the time they tried to complete the transaction.

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