Happy Hallowishes Premium Dessert Party Change

I just received a phone call from Disney about our reservation to do the Premium Dessert Party at Tomorrowland Terrace during MNSSHP. We booked the premium one because it included reserved seating for the Boo to You Parade as well as the desserts and table for the fireworks. The phone call was to let me know that was a mistake and that parade viewing “wasn’t normally” something they offered with it. Disney was calling to inform me that they were still going to honor the reserved parade viewing for our reservation, which is great, but I’m curious on how this is going to work. Did anyone else receive a phone call? I thought I would also post this if anyone was looking for parade viewing. It is no longer listed on the website as part of the premium dessert party. Just a heads up everyone!


Glad you posted. I was going to check this week to see if there was a Halloween Party available.

I got this call yesterday too. I was going to drop the party, but now I’m not sure. Everyone seems to agree that isn’t worth the time and money, but that reserved parade viewing sure it tempting.

I did the party 3 years ago and there was definitely reserved parade viewing. it was done at the flag pole near the entrance to MK

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Yes, we were notified too. We chose that one specifically because it was special viewing for both the parade and the fireworks. Glad they’re still honoring that! We’re taking the printed email (and will be on our phones of course) - just in case.