Happy HalloWishes Dessert Premium Package 2017

Bookings have now opened for the Happy HalloWishes Dessert Premium Package.

However, there is no mention of premium viewing of the Boo-to-You parade. This has been available in previous years.

Can anyone definitely confirm that this event includes both parade and fireworks?

It costs significantly less than we paid last year with the parade viewing ($49 for an adult, compared to $79 last year), so I’d say that they’ve nixed the premium parade viewing part, which is a bummer. That was the main reason we booked it, and why we were going to book the Holiday Wishes on at MVMCP this year.

EDIT: Wait, it costs the same, but the check in times are listed and do not include the parade viewing like they did last year. That’s an even bigger bummer… same price but half the bennies! Last year there was no Tomorrowland Terrace check-in time listed because the plans was that CMs took us the back way directly from the parade spot at the hub after the parade was past. It just mentioned in the info that if you wanted to meet at the Terrace instead you could do so beginning at 9:30.

Okay… I thought it was weird that they were charging the same rate and not including the parades for both Halloween and Christmas, so I called.

The CM said that according to the documentation she has, yes, it does include the parade viewing, and that their in-house description says “Enjoy the _______ parade, after which you will be taken to the Tomorrowland Terrace restaurant…”

Thanks for the info, I was able to snag one for our October trip, but was thinking of cancelling when I realized the description didn’t say anything about the parade.

I booked for both, but I’m going to keep watching and if the website doesn’t change (I did tell the CM that the website doesn’t mention the parade at all) I’ll call again when the dates get closer. If things change I’ll cancel… it’s not worth it just for desserts (and not even any alcoholic bevs at this one), especially if you have to arrive an hour early anyway.

I’ve sent an e-mail to WDW asking for clarification.

I’m in two minds about keeping the booking anyway, as I’m not sure the Tomorrowland Terrace is a good place to see the fireworks.

But if the parade is not covered either, then I’m definitely cancelling.

I did the regular dessert party back in 2012 and I didn’t mind the view and liked being out of the crowds, but it was much cheaper than I think. I agree without the parade viewing, its not worth money and time away from the party. I was barely justifying with the parade viewing lol

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