Happy BDay Epcot

And MK too, right?


Summer of 1983 was my first visit to EPCOT. I was 23 and was totally blown away by the experience. I would SO like to get in a time machine and go back to the 80s when EPCOT was at it’s peak. The “progress” over the years has really been little more than a gradual decline that has left Epcot as a sad shadow of the promise that EPCOT had. FW should be renamed Retro-future World, and WS should be renamed “The Mile Long Bar”. I have to assume that Walt is crying in his cryogenic tube under PoC in DL…

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I completely agree - it’s so sad. I am curious as to the meetings over the years that have led to the current state of things at the park. Is Captain EO a standing agenda item? Does someone open the door once a month and provide a water damage and rot update on the Wonders of Life building? Why call them Innovations at all - character meet and greets aren’t all that innovative. With the major investment being made at AK and DHS and the heels of New Fantasy Land, it’s going to be a while until major “progress” occurs at Epcot I would think.

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Yep, it’s also the Magic Kingdom’s birthday, though the official dedication wasn’t until late October the park opened this day in 1971, during a less-busy time to avoid the chaos of Disneyland’s opening day.

EPCOT Center was my favorite park and I miss it. I’m not sure what Walt would think of its erosion, since it could be argued that the park wasn’t really what he wanted from EPCOT, but regardless of what the company’s founder would have though, I was amazed by what was created. Rides were fun and also provided hope and inspiration for the future in ways that few entertainment venues ever could, while World Showcase highlighted parts of the world I had never seen in person (and maybe never will), bringing familiarity to different cultures and customs. Attractions today, like Test Track and Mission Space, are amusing diversions, but nothing like the park the drew me to Disney World during most of my earliest visits.

A couple years ago, I posted some pictures from my family’s first trip to EPCOT Center, in March 1983. I’ll share it here, in case some of you are interested: PracticalWDW: Epcot's 30th: Pictures from Our First Visit

I can barely remember Epcot from when I was a kid, though it has always been my favorite park! I do hope that it gets some of the much needed updates and some real innovation especially for “Future” World soon.

Happy Bday MK and EP!!

Epcot was my favorite park back in the day. I remember just being fascinated with it as a child in 89.

Thank you for posting. You were there just a few months before I was. Iused to have a lot of pictures from that trip, but unfortunately, they were lost in a fire…

Sorry to hear that!