Happily Ever After - when to stand where?

I tend to agree with you.


@MrsWeb so you can see the full projection show from that area? The spot you describe sounds much nicer that fighting crowds in the hub.

Well like I said I have never watched any of the shows from the hub but have never felt disappointed by our view farther down Main St. I feel like there is SO MUCH going on you are never going to see every little detail no matter your view, but certainly think it is a great place that felt like a full experience to us. Here is a blog Best Magic Kingdom Fireworks Viewing Spots - Disney Tourist Blog I recently read that convinced me to stick with what we have been doing. Also @OBNurseNH posted a pic marking viewing areas that affirmed our spot for me too. I’ll take “good” with half the wait time and far fewer crowd issues than “best” with double the wait and some of the things people report happening in the crowd at the hub. Honestly, I have heard several reports about dessert parties where people were complaining about blocked views and crowds in the viewing area. I’m sticking with what has worked for us.

Thank you so much for the extra info. I was starting to get really stressed about it based on some of the experiences ppl were describing!! I think I will go with your suggestion :grinning:

@OBNurseNH where might I find that picture you posted of HEA viewing spots?

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Hope it works for you! Still expect to be watching with a sea of humanity around you and heads may pop into and out of your view, but nothing about it distracted from enjoying the show for us and some of that, in my opinion, adds to it. I should have noted that the blog is from around when HEA first started, so I am sure some things have changed since then but I was looking for a comparison of views after the switch to HEA specifically because of the projections and so found it still very helpful. Castle, Main St. and HEA are still in the same places :slight_smile: I was intrigued by the TTC viewing location. Hadn’t heard that before. Perhaps it’s old news to others.

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Hmm. When I try to visit that site, none of the images show up.

Humm, that’s strange. I just clicked on it again and they do for me. Sorry.

Maybe there’s a dad with a kid on his shoulders between you and the blog :rofl:


Here’s the summary pic from the blog. Can you see this?



I guess I’ll have to push them out of the way!

I thought it was my ad blocker, so I disabled it for the page, but still no go…except that now I also see the ads. But no blog images.

I think we were hoping to sneak on an extra ride or two after it finishes so would rather be the other end of Main Street. I imagine there is no perfect solution!

We are only going to BOG as using credits as we got the QS plan for free, no CRT here as have three boys who have zero interest. I’ll have to bring my very girly niece one day to get the princess fix :joy:

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I have never had a good experience watching a nighttime show. We also paid for the dessert party for our spring trip.

I will find it and share it later tonight. :blush: