Happily Ever After vs Once Upon a Time

Two days out from our 1 day, adult only, rope drop to closing trip to MK. Touring plan is all set…and then I see Once Upon a Time? Is this a separate show from the fireworks that I should account for? I don’t remember this but haven’t been to MK since '16. Park closes at 10 that night and this really limits our after firework plan. TP shows this starting at 845. Is that accurate? Ugh…my plan had come together so well for a busy day lol

Once upon a time is a projection show on the castle. Did you ever see Celebrate the Magic? It is on the same idea but I personally greatly preferred Celebrate the Magic.

I can’t remember lol. I guess the question is…if we see the fireworks show, is it worth waiting around for the other? The plan is to head to Pirates, Jungle Cruise, Haunted Mansion after fireworks - 3 of my favorites.

I would hate to tell you not to wait for it. Others might have strong opinions on it. I watched it once and I honestly don’t care if I ever see it again. I would do the attractions :flushed:

I’d choose attractions as well if it were me.

I liked it better than HEA so… I’d wait for it! It has more of a cohesive story and I loved how they do the projections.

It is very different than the 1st show. I didn’t know about the 2nd show so didn’t plan for it our big MK day but happened to catch it by accident a few days later when I park hopped to MK late at night. It was fantastic and I’m really glad I didn’t miss it. However, if you’re not that into shows and have already seen the first projection show then you might feel as if you’ve checked that box and might want to do rides instead. One big benefit of the 2nd show is that a ton of people will have cleared out of MK after the 1st show so you can get a much better vantage point without waiting around forever.

I had trouble following your comment, because some parts of the year OUAT is before HEA and some parts it’s after. You’re calling HEA the first show right?

Sorry, I was afraid I’d mess up the names. Happily Ever After is the 1st show and Once Upon a Time is the 2nd. When I was there and MK was open very late they showed HEA at either 9:30 or 10 pm and OUAT at 10:45 pm. I just checked the MDE website and they still seem to have HEA 1st and OUAT 2nd. They were completely different shows although similar in that they relied heavily on castle projections, and they were both fantastic. MK hours vary wildly; I happened to be there when MK was open most nights until 1 AM, so they had both shows. I don’t know if they always do both.

When we went in January, Once Upon a Time was first and the park closed when HEA started at 8.

I’m sorry to be confusing. I had no idea they ever switched the times. :open_mouth:

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