Happily Ever After is returning!?

Is this a trustworthy source?


I’m seeing reports on chat that it is just the song returning not the show. It was misunderstood when the announcement was made.

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Per WDW Parks Blog https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2022/09/just-announced-magical-new-experiences-coming-to-walt-disney-world-resort/

" Ready to begin … Those words will fill the air with the popular anthem “Happily Ever After” when an updated nighttime spectacular lights up the skies at Magic Kingdom Park in 2023."

I agree that it looks like they’re keeping the song (in some form) with new show (pyro and projections) to go with. But how much will be added, dropped, or changed is a big unknown.

Boo… I wonder if they might change their minds later.

Saw this somewhere else and came here immediately because y’all are the only ones I trust :joy:

Same same.

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Wonder what it means to say an “updated” show. It doesn’t say “new”. So, the HEA song will be part of an “updated” show. This could mean Enchantment stays, but they swap out the new 50th related footage for HEA, etc.

Projections along Main Street?

Carlye Wisel said on her podcast that it’s not just the song. Sounds like her sources are telling her it’s the full show (likely with a few updates/tweaks), but it’s not just the HEA song inserted into Enchantment.

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I hope this is true!

She’s a legit journalist (not a clickbait blogger) and rarely reports rumors without having pretty good intel, so I think odds are pretty good :slight_smile:


The answer to the specific question is no.

BUT the story is true. It’s been rumoured for a while once the 50th finished, as had Harmonius’ demise. And now confirmed at D23.

The Harmonius replacement show has been in the works for some time, since it became obvious very early on that it was not being well received. The words of the owner of WDWMagic were “Be excited, Epcot might finally get a nighttime show it deserves (following ROE)”.

The “updated show” for MK is said to be an updated version of HEA.

Warning: rant starting, skip if you want. :wink:

The Tron opening date is confirmed.

But everything else is “Blue Sky” which means it’s being discussed, planned even, but nothing has been given the go ahead and the money is not yet on the table. So whether it happens is 50/50 at best. The plans for AK are more likely than MK. The suggestion of an MK expansion in that area has been kicking around for literally years, but this far nothing has ever been given the go ahead.

Frankly the idea of announcing possible plans at D23 shows just how bad things are. They have nothing else to confirm that they have to tell us that “something might happen, so please keep coming”. As opposed to those announcements in 2017 of Mary Poppins and Main St Theatre which were confirmed……and then cancelled.

/rant over