Happily Ever After Final Show

Hey, all!

New resident to central Florida. Also a new passholder. I never once saw HEA. The schedule allows for me to go this evening and check out what will be its final performance before retirement. Hoping the crowd isn’t as fearsome as I think it might be. Looking for good tips for viewing spots and when to set up. My priority is a good view, and not getting out of the park in a hurry during the mass exodus. Thanks!

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:laughing: It will be. Can you get a park reservation??

I would head there soon, honestly. I would probably hang out at LEAST 3 hrs before showtime at your preferred location, which would ideally be hub front and center of castle.

After the show sit still a while and the crowd will (eventually) dissipate.


Yeah, got the reservation already. I’m headed out in a couple hours. Not really planning on any attractions. Maybe Splash Mountain if time allows


We watched from the Adventureland side of the hub. Not quite a straight on view, but we were able to jet over to BTMR and Splash and ride both after the show. It was awesome! Projections were still great, just the fireworks appeared off to the side rather than right behind the castle.


Great idea. Just realized the show is at 8:15 but park close is at 10. I can probably do a couple great attractions in the 9:00 hour with basically walk-on wait times