Happily Ever After Dessert Party

Hi. I just booked the HEA dessert party garden plaza viewing. When do they normally set up and when can I check in. The only option was 7:45pm. Is HEA in July at 8 or 9pm?

I would assume it would be at 9. We went in May last year and our check-in time gave us plenty of time to have some desserts, and then leisurely head to the viewing area. I will say it was totally worth it for us not to have to deal with finding a spot in the crowds!

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I’m doing HEA dessert party in June. Here’s how it’s set up in my TP:

7:45 Check in Tomorrowland Terrace
9:15 happily Ever After

So you have over an hour to eat and get to your spot before the show starts. If you look on the Disney Website, you can click the calendar and see the firework start time for your exact date. June & July both show 9:15 as far as I can see.

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Last June when we did the dessert party I had read before about where the best place to watch them was. The far left side facing the castle and they were spot on. You have a couple street lights in your view but there is enough room to sit on the ground while they are going off.

I do recognize the area because three years ago we had a Fastpass for HEA and that was the designated area. It’s a great vantage point.

I am going to HEA Dessert party in August. I am pretty sure the Suggested check in time on Disney website is 75 minutes prior to fireworks start time.