Happily Ever After....and evening Extra Magic Hours

We’re planning to spend the first 2 days of our hols in Magic Kingdom, with the second day finishing with the HEA fireworks, scheduled at 9pm…

There are EMH scheduled that day from 2100-2300, which we don’t plan to use, having two young ones who will be aged 7 and 8. So we’ll be headed straight out when the fireworks finish.

TP crowd rating for MK is 3, which is elevated I think from the usual 1 because of the EMH.

Anything in particular we should be doing to make sure we get the best experience?

Thanks for your advice :slight_smile:

I would make sure to get a good spot for HEA in the hub or behind a fence, trash can, or other obstacle. It can be hard for little ones to see in a giant mass of humanity. Also, post HEA EMH is often a great time to enjoy the parks, if you can swing it, but I do get that kids get tired and it’s early in the trip.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

We’re going to HEA just before EMH, as well. Things do change, though. Now I’m leaving right after the show and the kids are going to stay and ride!

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