Hanging out at Jambo but staying at Kidani

My family and I really wanted to book a Jambo House room through DVC but they are all sold out. Has anyone stayed at Kidani and found it easy to hang around Jambo all day? Just wondering if I should know about any issues like if the walk is too far, or shuttles are too slow, etc. This trip was supposed to be more relaxing, with a balance of time at resort and parks.

It’s a 10 minute walk. If the shuttle is there, then by all means take it, otherwise just walk. It isn’t the prettiest of walks, just skirting the car park but it’s easy enough.

Bear in mind the pool at Jambo will be closed from September through to December, so there will be a lot of people going to Kidani to swim. They are running extra buses between the two whilst the pool is shut.

It’s technically all one lodge, so there is no problem spending time at Jambo. On our last trip we stayed DVC at Jambo, but spent the better part of one day at Kidani; lunch at Sanaa and then time watching the animals on the savanna, talking with the CMs, looking at the artwork, etc. And you’re free to use either pool, no questions asked.

A related question for someone with more AKL/DVC experience - how early/late do the shuttles between Jambo and Kidani run?

For now, I actually ended up booking a standard room at Jambo through Disney. Now i’m hoping to use a room discount that pops up later. Does anyone know if those discounts apply to all rooms or a certain amount of rooms? Basically what i’m wondering is, since I already have a reservation am I locked into getting a discount when they become available, or do they only give discounts to the first 50 people that ask or so?

You won’t be locked into a discount. Only if you’ve booked through a TA who is on the ball every day can you be “sure” of getting a discount.

It will be certain room types, and limited to what they still have available. They won’t offer room discounts on room types that have sold out.

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We stayed at Kidani, on rented DVC points, last time we went, and spent quite a lot of time at Jambo. It’s an easy walk over. I think we walked it every day we were there - to see the animals, or shop, or eat, or swim. I’m not even sure it was 10 minutes of walking. (Our room WAS on that side of Kidani, though. YMMV)
Renting points can save you a LOT of money, so I’d certainly consider that if you’re worried about getting a discount.

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We are at Kidani now. I just asked. The shuttle between the two runs from 7 am to 11 pm.

Find the side door to go in and out to head over to Jambo. The first time we went to the main entrance. That is if you are on the Jambo side which I recommend. It was an easy walk.

The pool is closed at Jambo House?! Why?

Thank you.

Refurb and maintenance I believe.

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I believe it’s being called a reimagination, so it sounds more than just a refurb. 3 months is a long time to be closed for just routine maintenance and a spruce up.

Wonder what they’ll put in. Hopefully some more shade would be my suggestion.

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I heard it should be reopened by 12/4. Fingers crossed. We arrive 12/8.