Handling Backpacks While on Rides

This may seem like a dumb question, but my trip to WDW this fall will be the 1st time in almost 20 years. I found a couple of posts from 3 years ago about backpacks, but I want to doublecheck the “rules.” I assume that you need to take the packs off while on the rides. Where do you put them - at your feet on the floor? How do you secure them on rides that twist and turn (most WDW rides)?

On almost every ride you can put them on the floor of the vexhi me. I usually loop my leg through a strap. FoP has a shelf area behind your vehicle, KRR has lockers you can use, and Soarin has an area on the floor.


Thanks. A few exceptions, but mainly, just use your leg to keep it in place.


I was also worried about this (I had a small to medium sized backpack with me). Either I’d put it on the floor (with or without a strap looped around my leg) or some rides had netting “baskets” that I could stuff it into.

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Backpacks don’t have to be clear, correct?

No, they don’t have to be clear.

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What I love about WDW - you don’t have to stick your stuff in a locker for every ride. (I did not enjoy Universal :joy:)

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@PrincipalTinker’s answer is correct. Just for the sake of completeness, I’ll add a couple of points to your answer.

The lockers are great if you don’t want your stuff wet, but you can take all your belongings with you if you want. If you put your backpack on your lap you will have at least one dry spot. :rofl:

The area on the ground is good for very large items, but you can fit medium to small bags in the compartment under the seat.

Most of the roller coasters have baskets in front of you that can hold small to medium sized bags, usually with a Velcro flap, but surprisingly that is rarely needed. You can also just keep the items on the floor.

Tower of Terror you can put larger bags on the floor. I recommend leaving the floor clear if allowed though. That’s where the air is coming through that completes the sensation of falling.

You can hold your backpack in front of you on Splash Mountain. Don’t put it on the ground! In fact, don’t put your feet on the ground if you can help it, especially if you’re wearing socks and shoes. Put them up against the side of the log. (Same thing on KRR - put feet up on a ledge.)


My one addition is obvious but important - make sure your bag closes as things will slide out of it while it is on the ground.

For Space mountain I recommend putting your bag down and then boarding - I find it difficult to get it where I need once I am in. For 7DMT I do the opposite. The restraint is supper weird so I find it easier to just board first.