Handle Souvenirs from park to hotel

With the temporary suspension of souvenir delivery from a theme park store to front of the park or to on-site hotel, how is everyone handling buying souvenirs at a theme park? Is everyone just carrying them around all day or is there a work around?


You could rent a locker if that’s unappealing

Stores began holding packages for a $10 fee recently. You can pick them up after touring the park.


Good to know.

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Yep I read it over on Lines chat- Lines

(WDW Chat.)

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If I’m reading this right, though, you would pay each store $10? So $10 at Memento Mori and then $10 more at Emporium? And then run around the park at close to collect all of your things?

I’d go with the locker.


Not sure- ask the experts-

(WDW Lines Chat)

I don’t buy huge amounts of souvenirs.

That could add up if you buy a lot at multiple stores. I carry a backpack, but I don’t purchase many things.

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This was one of my favorite on site perks. Really bummed it’s not back.

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To the original question, I just carry it around w/ me. And I don’t wait until the end b/c I’ve learned the hard way what I want might not be there when I go back. However, they’ve started limiting how many someone can buy of an item. I greatly appreciate this b/c those resellers would come in on a release day and clear out all the stock.


Depending on what you are buying, it may make sense to ship the items directly from the shop to your house. That’s what we did with the kids’ Droid Depot droids last year. I think it was about $30, but it was worth it not to have to lug those droids around the park or pack them for the flight.

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That’s a good option too!


Can you ship from the park hotel you are staying at as well?

You can ship them from the park
You can ship them from your resort

Just saying it that way because I’m not quite sure I understood the question right.

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In May, my son shipped a package from the YC.

The only place I would recommend not doing this is the contemporary. Everywhere else the shipping was like $15-$20 bucks… but when I asked the front desk where I could ship something home, they sent me to the business center…and they wanted $50 for a damn popcorn bucket.

I probably should have went up to BVG and asked them, but at the time, I didn’t know. So my point is “if the price seems insane, ask other places.”

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Funny that it’s not standard.

Definitely did not pay that much to send home two droids and a light saber from OKW!

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Shipping my lightsaber like $18 bucks. And then when I shipped 3 lightsabers home, it was like 20-25 (I forget, they said it was based on value of the shipment).

But a popcorn bucket rated a $50 shipping charge. Insanity.


Unless it was filled w/ gold dusted popcorn :popcorn:

Oh gosh, that wasn’t for my popcorn bucket, was it?!?!

So sending them back to your resort for free will probably never come back.