Hand sanitizer

We were so happy to visit IOA and UOR last weekend! The experience was amazing and so much fun. Wait times were down, crowds were down, and all-in-all it was a blast.

At most of the rides they had a staff member there who would put a pump of hand sanitizer into the hands of each guest just before entering the ride. I love that they are doing this. However, the sanitizer they use is suuuuper thick and kind of slimy, and it left a pretty gross film on my hands. And most TM’s would do a super full pump of sanitizer.

Has anyone heard of a guest being able to use their own sanitizer instead of the one offered by Universal? I’d be so happy to apply it every single time they would be putting a pump of slime into my hand. And I’m happy to supply my own, medical grade, hand sanitizer for this purpose.

One of my reasons for wanting my own is that I use a knee scooter, and the film left by their hand sanitizer also leaves a film on the handles of my scooter, which makes it difficult to grip them.

Any thoughts?


You can bring your own into the parks. I’ve seen multiple vloggers discuss it. They will insist on watching you put it on. So don’t apply it too early! Unlike WDW, you will have to apply it before every ride.

In order for hand sanitizer to do its job effectively, it really needs to stay “wet” for upwards of 30 seconds. Most people end up using far too little hand sanitizer each time, resulting in a less-than-ideal “cleansing”.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the thicker sanitizers are more effective because they take longer to dry out once applied to your hands. I can’t guarantee that’s why Universal is doing it. But the little hand sanitizers that most people carry in their own pockets probably wouldn’t last half a day if you really applied them appropriately. So you might want to just keep using theirs, despite the residue.

Does Universal have hand washing stations around like Disney does? I don’t mind putting on their hand sanitizer if I can wash my hands once in a while without having to use a restroom.

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Yeah, I get what you are saying. I work in a dental office and we have some pretty effective, high end stuff that doesn’t leave a residue. I’d be happy to lug around a bottle of that.

Thank you!! That’s exactly what I was wondering. :slight_smile:

I didn’t notice them around very much at Universal, but I’m a frequent bathroom user, so I wasn’t on the lookout for them.