Hallowishes viewing

We will be at MNSSHP 3 weeks from tonight (I can hardly stand it!) and one thing I realized I don’t have planned out is where to watch Hallowishes. Our group is just 2 adults and we want to watch them somewhere where it will also be easy to get to Frontierland straight after to watch the 2nd parade. Where would you watch and then what route would you take to parade viewing spot? Thanks!

ohh, good questions. leaving in 11 days, I would like to listen in!!

Same as Wishes. Back a bit from the Castle. Maybe in the viscinity of Casey’s. I might hang there for the parade too or possibly watch it in Fronteirland close to a few fun attractions.

Even with the hub construction??

I should add that the only thing we plan to do after the 2nd parade is run to 7DMT. So maybe we should watch parade a little farther along closer to Liberty Square?

Last year was my first party and I didn’t have a strategy and I was shocked by the crowds. Crowds, Not in lines, but out on the streets making walking really difficult. For second party, I made a plan specifically with that in mind.

Realistically, people will be exiting en masse after the fireworks, and I think there is no wAy you could easily get from the main st area, hub, caseys, etc over to frontierland – that would be swimming upstream. You will get stuck in a traffic jam. If you are out near main st for the fireworks, you could just stay there for parade – crowds will be much lighter for the second parade so watching it from frontierland isnt essential like it would be for the first parade.

My number one party tip: plan your night with foot traffic in mind… :slight_smile:


Thank you so much @B_squared! We have only ever stayed for a parade once so Frontierland is the only place I have ever watched. We will take your advice and stay put after Hallowishes. I was wondering if somewhere over near The Plaza might be a good spot for both? I feel I have heard the construction is over on the other side.
Hopefully it won’t be too hard to get to Mine Train after the 2nd parade. I don’t really have much of a plan for the party but you have me thinking I better get one together. It is difficult as I have never done one of them.

At my first party, MNSSHP, I was surprised by how little we got to do because there is just so much going on. So for MVMCP I had a plan and we were gonna get our money’s worth, ha ha. Might not be everyone’s style, but a plan helped me to have a lot more fun. At first party I ended up just feeling disoriented and couldn’t get thru the crowds to get to what we wanted.

Here’s how I made my MVMCP pla. I got a copy of the party map with schedule. Noted times of shows, dance parties, parades, fireworks, etc. chose what character meet was most important, and then made a schedule. We got in line for one meet n greet at 6 pm, got in right at 7, had that over with. Made it to dance party, fireworks, both parades, stage show… Well, at least I made it to those – DD6 passed out at 9:45 and couldn’t be woken, so I pushed her around in stroller.

I am taking this all in as I study the map and schedule I found online. I don’t think we will be doing the character meets since no kids with us. Really only interested in Maleficent so if it is possible to meet her we may try. Other than the parade and Hallowishes what should we make sure we do?

Thanks so much @B_squared! We are not planning on character meets, just parade, fireworks and rides so I have avoided making a touring plan. But with your advice I’m realizing I better make a touring plan just like I do for daytime. If for no other reason than to avoid that disoriented feeling you mention. Would much rather have a plan and scrap it than not have one and spend the night wandering aimlessly!

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Last year we found that watching the first parade (worried ds3 wouldn’t make it to second) watched it in frontier land and then made a beeline to the area between CP and caseys… Then after we went back towards the left of the castle and didn’t have too much of a problem with people exiting. I am with @B_squared I was also shocked by the amount of people just cruising around yet I was walking on all the rides… It was strange. We are heading to mnsshp this Fri (eeekkkkk!!!) and plan on doing the same plan for hallowishes as last year… Hoping construction/walls don’t ruin it! Good luck and enjoy!!!

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Maybe that’s a better plan. First parade in Frontierland, Hallowishes maybe near an exit to a Land (but back enough to see the show), and close out the night w rides when the crowds are super low and people are exiting.


@VanellopeVonDoom, please could you post a link to the map and schedule you found. It is our first party and think this would be really helpful for us too. Thank you for posting this question as I too am interested in the answers. Thank you ever so much for your help everyone else.

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Here you go @BigPetesWife.

Thank you

I will add, just keep in mind that the walkways all around the hub and main street will be packed until the fireworks, and then after fireworks tons of folks will be moving towards the exit.

I’m a rope-dropper, so I’m used to being able to move from one part of the park to another without thinking of it. But in my party experiences, sometimes those routes were just too crowded. Also, before and after fireworks, some of my typical routes near the back of the castle were also roped off for a little while so they can clean up the debris.

So one reason the plan helped me was to know where we’d be in the park when, and try to travel along the way without backtracking or crisscrossing, until the second parade – at that late hour, you’re good to go.

Have fun, guys! Wish we were there too! :slight_smile:

@B_squared I am a rope dropper as well and actually have very little night time in MK experience and no party experience. I am a bit nervous now, too bad our party night is our first day. We will get to the park around 3:30 though so I will try to scope things out a bit.

I disagree. We watched Hallowishes in the hub. Arrived early for celebrate the magic. We were just behind the partners statue.

After the show we did POTC, splash and had front / at rope for parade in frontierland. Just cut back towards frontierland post hallowishes.

We did mine train after parade also - it was absolutely fine.

@MagicMN, I would bet our party dates had different crowd levels. After fireworks, our nights, it cleared out, but in those prime hours 7:30-10:00 or so, both times hub and main st areas were miserable if you wanted to pass thru at all. Also, I was pushing a stroller, which makes passing thru a crowd more difficult too.

Stroller absolutely has an impact. Hallow is our absolute fav of anything at WDW - tours, meals, etc - and seeing it straight on is a must for us. I miss the rolling base camp but being able to say “I’ll meet you at PotC” sure is nice :wink:

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